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Harrow Angling Society

Harrow Angling society is a local fishing club based in the Colne Valley who provide course fishing for its members at four different venues.
With roughly 200 members of the society, harrow angling needed an effective way to communicate up to date information with its current members and advertise the fisheries to new potential members.


Harrow Angling society needed to ensure that all information on their website was completely up to date and clear to all members. They wanted to create a site that was easy to navigate and concisely communicated relevant information.

To ensure this could be done A full content management system was created so that the editorial secretary could update the information any relevant information that changed season on season such as bailiffs and rules, gave the ability to post announcements so members could be notified of important information as soon as possible in case of things such as lake closures opposed to having to wait for the quarterly membership magazine.

The content management system also allowed for the membership secretary to create other administrative user accounts so that the website could be maintained by more than just one person.

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