Want your business to be found online?

Getting your new website is only the start, you likely wanted your website to gain exposure for your business or project and after all, word of mouth only goes so far. Through an effective search engine optimization strategy we can ensure you rank highly in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your website appears where it will be seen to deliver more organic traffic to your website.

Local Business

Want your business to be found online ?

The first port of call of any business is to be found locally. With this package your website will be submitted to all the major search engines, along with your business's physical address, opening hours and contact details. Having your data accurate and optimized correctly is essential to ranking higher in search results.

We will provide you with a detailed monthly traffic report, to give you a greater insight as to how your users are interacting with your website so that you can adjust and provide a better service accordingly.

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Package features

  • Website submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Optimized local online listing
  • Listing accuracy verification
  • Monthly traffic report
  • Google My Business sync
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Keyword Package

Want to be top of the pile in Google?

Being the top ranked web page for your desired search terms should be the goal of any website. Being ranked first for a certain keyword can result in a close to 50% click through rate based on certain studies.
The websites on the first page of a google search term collectively get around 90% of the traffic for that search, the majority of people just do not click on to the second page of results, having your website appear on the first page is of paramount importance to your website if you want it to be successful.

With our search keyword package we will sit down and establish three search terms you wish to target that will benefit your online business/ website and drive the quality traffic to your website that your business needs.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and we will provide you with quarterly reports on how your website is performing, for each search term and how your website is performing for these search terms vs your competitors.

If you have purchased a website with us your page will already be optimized but if not we will be able to optimize your website and put you on the right track for an effective SEO campaign.

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Package features

  • 3 search terms
  • Quarterly search term report
  • Page optimization
  • Competitive reporting
  • Detailed monthly traffic report
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