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Selling products online is a great way to get a business off the ground and earning money. With a smaller investment required, opposed to renting physical space to sell items, ecommerce is a great way to get started.
In todays world, most retailers use e-commerce as a part of their business. Numerous benefits include; being able to sell items 24/7, opening up your business to a world wide audience opposed to local audience and the ability to target specific types of customer to maximise the return on your marketing efforts.

E-commerce is a cost effective and profit boosting improvement you can make to almost any business. Managing an online store is made easy through a content management system and will quite often only require one person to maintain.

All payment gateway solutions are secure platforms that your customers can trust, this includes, 'Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)' by default to give your customers peace of mind and transaction fees that are also cheaper than services such as Paypal.

Content Management System (CMS)

Up to date content and products is a key factor in e-commerce. With this simple and effective content management system, you will be able to create, update and remove products through simple forms at your own convenience.
Intelligent counters ensure your stock levels are updated when orders are placed to prevent customers viewing and purchasing out of stock items.
You can manage your orders through this content management system and update the order process to notify users of dispatch and delivery tracking numbers.
Easy to read graphical user interface gives up to date, real time sales figures for day/ month/ year. This can be built to your specification, showing you the figures you want to see.

website content management system
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Email receipts/notifications

Keep your customers up to date and boost engagement with automated transactional emails. User engagement is very important in todays market. Users want to know you have successfully recieved their order and subsiquent payment, they also want to know when their order is dispatched and want to be able to track their order en route. Keeping a good standard of communication is easy through automated emails. Your content management will automatically trigger pre set emails for certain actions. These actions can include;

  • Dispatch notices
  • Order confirmations
  • Order receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reminders

Integrated Checkout

Securely accept payments from all major credit and debit cards from customers in every country. All this through an integrated checkout on your website with the highest level security in mind (Dynamic 3D Secure) to protect you and your customers. Your users will be kept on your website, not taken away to an external third party site such as Paypal to complete payment.
Platform fees are 3% + 30p per transaction, cheaper than Paypal and other popular web builder services.
Receive daily pay outs to your chosen bank to keep your cashflow running smoothly.

website integrated checkout
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