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Take a look at a small selection of my web design work. All projects undertaken are always completed by me. Nothing is outsourced.
All websites are custom built to perfectly fit your needs, I do not use any themes or web builders such as wordpress.

My Santa Letter portfolio

My Santa Letter

An online christmas shop that sells customised letters from santa, this bespoke solution boasts a customised ecommerce solution that allows customers to enter details to get a personalised letter from santa based on the questions answered and select from a variety of paper options and extras to build their pack. This online business utilises their website to manage their business, the content management system contains details about stock, transactions, profit/loss and tracks business expenses. My Santa Letter also utilises email marketing through the website to reach their customers directly about promotions.

Key features: Payment Gateway, Email Marketing, Voucher/ Discount Codes, Content Management System, Finance & Expense Reporting, Branded Email Receipts

Croxley Hall Fisheries

One of the UK's premier carp fisheries, Croxley Hall was an early adopter of web technology in the carp fishing world, already having a number of existing websites with members area's and a very unique login system in the complex's lodge, a touch screen which required all members to log in on arrival and record all fish captures and weights when logging out, all information is relayed back to the members area of the website in real time.

My job with this project was to merge all the existing websites into one website, transfering all catch report data, to build a mobile responsive website which included an admin area to manage and record everything that is happening at the fishery and a members area which allows for online renewal, that displayed all historic and recent catch report data, who is fishing in real time and keep members up to date with latest fishery news.

Key features: Payment Gateway, Membership Renewals, Real Time Login/Out Application, Content Management System, Finance Reporting, Members Area, Branded Email Receipts

Croxley Hall Fisheries portfolio
harrow angling society portfolio

Harrow Angling Society

A local fishing club based in the Colne Valley hired me to re build their current website. The website needed to be based around member interaction, to be able to give the members information and for members to post content.
The website currently holds an entire membership of over 200 members and now utilises the website to process payments of yearly membership fees and guest tickets.

Due to Covid-19 the Harrow Angling Society was required by its landlords to implement a booking system when the country reopened in May 2020, due to the way the website had initially been built it was possible to integrate this booking system into the existing website at very short notice. within 5 days of being told the booking system was a requirement to reopen the feature was ready to go live to the 200 members to start fishing again. All members can no see how busy each of the four venues are in real time and how busy they are set to be at various points over the next 72 hours. This system has been refined over the past year and is now universally popular amongst the membership due to its ease of use and useful information it gives the members when deciding if or where to go fishing. The booking system also provides the fishery managers and committee who now know who is on site at any given time.

Key features: Payment Gateway, Membership Renewals, Online Booking System, Content Management System, Finance Reporting, Members Area, Email Marketing, Branded Email Receipts

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