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Why does a business need a website?

Your website will often be the way a new customer will find your business for the first time. It is imperitive to have a visually clear, fit for purpose and user friendly website design that showcases your business and what services you provide.
When creating websites, I utilise a mixture of the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Javascript & Git) code is condensed and all images are optimised for the web to ensure loading times are kept to a minimum. With mobile first now being a vital google ranking factor, all websites are mobile responsive and built with a mobile first principle. This will ensure your website is scaled perfectly to any device your user chooses, whilst equally as important, having the best chance to be ranked and be visible in search engines.

Websites and customer experience

Have you ever considered how a website may also be able to improve your business in other ways? A website is potentially a very powerful tool and quite often under utilised. The current consumer market is all about customer experience. As businessmen and women our aim should be to provide a great, reccomendable customer experience, whether we are selling products online or providing real world services. We should be striving to create a user experience that people want to share and speak positively about online.

To achieve a great customer experience through our websites, that customers want to use again or recommend to other potential clients or customers, we can look to implement the following;

Booking Systems

If your business revolves around a real life service such as, Personal Training, Hair & Beauty, Holiday rentals or any other by appointment only type service, an online booking system can vastly improve the user experience, enhance sales and assist in managing your time more effectively.

Giving your customers the freedom to book in appointments at their own convenience, not only removes the restrictiveness of business hour phonecalls but keeps you free to focus on your task at hand and avoid missing phonecalls and potential business.
There are a variety of options when creating a bespoke booking system, such as being able to take part or full payment prior to the appointment or having the abillity to book multiple appointments for discounted rates, guaranteeing more custom over time.

Your Logo

Company name
101 My trading address
W1 123

Bill To
A Company
34 Madeup Lane
Ship To
A Company
34 Madeup Lane

Invoice # 1111
Date: 01/01/19
Due: 01/01/20
Item Price Quantity Total
Day rate £200 1 £200
Material 1 £30 3 £90
Balance Due: £290
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Invoicing & Feedback

Getting paid is the aim of all business. Scrap your handwritten or excel spreadsheet invoices and generate them through your website. Once generated, your invoice will be sent via email directly to your customer, adding a professional and trustworthy touch.
Payment can also can be accepted by card through this email if required.

This closing contact with your customer is vitaly important and whilst getting paid is the ultimate goal, it should be used as an opportunity to further your business through requesting the all important customer feedback.
Feedback is such an important factor in todays online world and if you dont have any feedback anywhere online, then you greatly reduce the chance of getting new clients without a personal recommendation. Pointing customers in the right direction and spoon feeding direct links to review services, greatly increases the chances of them leaving you feedback.

Membership and loyalty systems

A membership system or subscription service can be a business model by itself or improve communication with your customer base.
Through a membership system, an automated monthly or yearly billing cycle can be set up for users. This system can be tiered so that users who pay more can have greater privileges.
We can use it to gather information such as, spending habits or booking frequency so we can reward some or all of our customers with group/individual discount codes and send our relevant marketing content to specific members. A membership system also allows users to view all previous orders/ bookings they have made on your platform.

membership and loyalty website checkout
website email marketing

Email marketing

Do you have new products or have an offer you want to talk about? Use your mailing list to reach your target audience with a branded mobile responsive HTML email. Marketing/ promotional emails can be largely effective for some of the following scenarios.

  • New product launches
  • Sale emails
  • Periodic deal alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Reminders
  • Event invites

Quotes & Proposals

In some instances quotes can be generated automatically or greater amounts of information can be gathered to improve the accuracy of our quotes when visting a site in person. I can build A system that would be completely bespoke to suit your quoting needs. An example of a website that I have built utilising this service is a removal company who can now accurately quote removal services, solely on user input. An alternative approach could be to generate a quote or proposal through the website and send directly to your customers email, helping you maintain a professional image.

quoting website
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